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Page history last edited by PBworks 14 years ago

If you would like to aquire any of my creations, please contact me at smbryceart@yahoo.com or visit my etsy.com shop by clicking the link in the sidebar to the right

Labyrinths ~ a personal passion

I was first introduced to labyrinths in college and would draw them to remain calm before tests when they were trying to sort out what had caused my disability. I wrote more about this on my blog at http://smbryceart.livejournal.com/4928.html


I fell back in love with Labyrinths when I read a spiritual account of one man who "happened" accross a labyrinth before giving a presentation on finding a calm mind for meditation, and was nervous and wanting to calm himself. He found a life lesson in walking that path, and I longed to find one I could walk. I love walking them, photographing them, experiencing them and watching friends and family experiencing them... I love carving, drawing, painting them and then tracing them with my fingers or letting others do the same.


I will put pictures here of Labyrinths I have created, and links to sites about labyrinths





Carvings (Can be ordered in any size from 3" across to 16")

Your Hearts, Mine - a Valentine's gift

I began designing and carving this labyrinth at our home in Los Angeles and finished it quite some time later


The Heart on my Sleeve

This piece is part of the Collage, "Seeking Balance" which is a self portrait and can be found at: http://smbryceart.pbwiki.com/Collage#FinishedPiece



Eagle Phoenix Labyrinth - a sketch for my future back tat



The Gift


Drum Circle Dancers' Labyrinth

This is part of a wearable painting I did on a friend's t-shirt. The painting is called "Drum Circle Dancers" and can be viewed at: http://smbryceart.pbwiki.com/Acrylics#DrumCircleDancers


Labyrinth in the Drum Circle

This piece is at the center of "Drum Circle" Which can be viewed at: http://smbryceart.pbwiki.com/Acrylics#DrumCircle


Invisable Path

16" by 20"

more to come, but you can view another on my Acrylics page



Faery Labyrinth

To see more:



Our backyard Labyrinth and it's Genesis

(I will be putting more pictures up here of the creation and current shape this wonderful Labyrinth has taken in our life)

Gotcha in the crosshairs!

The God/dess of the labyrinth gets head:


More to come!

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